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  1. New CAW Network Member Logo

    If you are a CA ANZ member living outside of 澳大利亚 and 新西兰 you can download the new CAW network member logo and place it on your stationery, 网站, business cards and documents. 这个标志...

  2. Skills assessment supporting documentation

    注册会计师s ANZ accepts specific supporting documentation for your migration assessment based on if you hold a degree or not or are with a recognised accounting body...

  3. Skilled Employment Assessment

    注册会计师s ANZ assess skilled employment for those applicants who have received a positive qualification assessment from us...

  4. youunlimited

    How to become a 注册会计师

    The 注册会计师 (CA) certification is a highly regarded professional qualification with international recognition. Find out how it could allow you to work in a wide range of exciting and...

  5. youunlimited


    Applying for the 注册会计师s Program is easy. All it takes is 3 simple steps and you're on your way...

  6. youunlimited


    指导 forms a critical function to a candidate's learning experience. Our formalised approach to practical experience helps provide essential guidance and support to assist in attaining success...

  7. youunlimited


    CA基金会 is open to all bachelor degree holders, and is a fast and affordable option which helps bridge your knowledge gaps and progress with ease into the CA的程序...

  8. youunlimited

    Why become a 注册会计师?

    Why become a 注册会计师 (CA)? CAs are difference makers that can change the world with the skills, knowledge and insight to make their visions a reality...

  9. 敏度

    Four skills you need to make it as a board director

    Advice for aspiring board directors from the chair of 注册会计师s 澳大利亚 and 新西兰 Murray Jack FCA...

  10. 敏度

    The 澳大利亚n Privacy Act and you

    The top reasons why your business should be complying with the 澳大利亚n Privacy Act...

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