CPD -非盟及海外成员- 2021年7月1日前

Everything you need to know about CPD requirements if you live in Australia or you are an overseas member - for trienniums commencing prior to 1 July 2021


正式的持续专业进修活动是宝贵的资源, helping you build on the knowledge and skills needed to excel in today's dynamic and ever changing work environment. 正式CPD通常有以下资格:

  • 有组织的框架,明确的目标和
  • 传授的知识 教育/技术性质和 
  • 要求 参与者的参与.

作为指导,相关的正式CPD有互动学习, sometimes has an assessment component and is taught by competent specialists.

There is a wide range of 活动 that CA ANZ recognises as formal CPD, offering members the flexibility to choose when and how your CPD小时是累积的.

For a comprehensive list of formal CPD 活动, you can check Regulation CR7 Schedule 1, in our 会员手册. 你也会发现信息 here about restrictions on CPD hours that can be claimed for some of these 活动.


Browse the 会员手册 for a full list of 活动 under Regulation CR7 Continuing 专业发展.



Your formal CPD hours will vary depending on your designation.

  • For a CA or affiliate, of your 120 CPD hours each triennium, 90 hours must be formal CPD. A minimum of 20 CPD hours must be completed in each year.
  • For an ACA, of your 90 CPD hours each triennium, 45 hours must be formal CPD. 每年必须完成至少15个CPD小时.
  • For an AT, of your 60 CPD hours, 30 hours must be formal CPD. 每年必须完成至少10个CPD小时.
  • If you are not working full-time your hours may be pro-rated.

什么是非正式CPD ?我需要多少?

非正式CPD也被称为技术阅读. You may record up to 10 informal hours per year, and up to 30 informal hours each triennium. 如果您是认可的SMSF审核员, 10 hours of technical reading needs to be in the area of SMSF auditing.

阅读行业杂志, 包括敏锐, white papers or business related research articles can be included as technical reading.

CPD related to specialisations, licenses or accreditation's

If you hold one or more statutory registrations or licenses, 40% of your CPD 活动 needs to be related to each of the registration/license.

It's important to remember that your CPD requirements need to be met, 即使你没有使用你的注册或许可.

One CPD activity can count towards more than one registration/license, to ensure that the majority of your CPD hours are relevant to any licenses you hold.

Additional CPD requirements apply if you are holding one of the following professional registrations:

  • 注册公司审计;
  • 注册公司清算人;
  • 注册破产受托人;
  • 持有澳大利亚金融服务(AFS)牌照;
  • approved Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) auditor (SMSF Auditor); and
  • 注册税务代理人.
  • Reviews by non-RCAs of Second Tier Companies Limited by Guarantee
  • CA SMSF专家
  • CA商业评估专家
  • CA金融专家

参见《888贵宾电子平台》中的法规CR7 会员手册.


Keeping a record of your CPD hours can benefit you in several ways. 这是记录你的进步的好方法, and it can confirm your CPD 活动 to your current or prospective employer. You may also need to submit your records as part of a practice review, 或者888贵宾电子平台, 作持续专业进修监察之用.


  • 日期
  • 举办持续专业进修活动的机构
  • CPD活动的描述
  • whether the CPD is relevant to the member's obligations associated with holding certain registrations or specialisations; and
  • CPD小时数.

One single repetitive activity should not make up the extent of a members CPD hours. You need to claim hours that can be attributed to genuine learning (e.G不休息和娱乐时间).

There is no specified CPD activity record format so we've come up with two options that might work for you.


You can track your CPD hours in the CPD Log on My CA and get a quick overview of how you are progressing against your specific requirements. From 1 October 2020, your CPD purchases from the CA ANZ store will automatically appear in your log. 一旦你完成了培训, simply confirm the new professional development record and see how it adds CPD hours to your CPD wheel. 您还可以输入来自其他提供者的CPD记录.

In your annual notifications, you will be asked to confirm the CPD hours completed in the year. By logging all your CPD records in your CPD Log on My CA it will be easier to know how many CPD hours you have undertaken at any point in time.


Or you can download our form so you can track your CPD hours.


当你完成你的年度会员更新, you'll need to confirm that you have fulfilled your CPD requirements.

888贵宾电子平台每年都会推行持续专业发展监察计划, a random selection of members are asked to provide a copy of their trienium CPD records.

These records are checked against the CPD obligations in Regulation CR7 in the 会员手册.