The new CA的程序 consists of nine subjects (seven core and two electives), in conjunction with 三年的指导实践经验.


Upon successful completion of the CA的程序, you will have the knowledge and skills to: 

  1. Demonstrate advanced accounting knowledge required to practise as an accountant across a range of enterprises, 行业, 和地区 
  2. Analyse data and critically evaluate technology to support professional practice as a 注册会计师
  3. Communicate appropriately with stakeholders concerning complex accounting and finance matters  
  4. Collaborate effectively to achieve high-level outcomes
  5. 集成先进的技术, business and professional knowledge and skills to generate advice, make decisions or recommend solutions for authentic business problems 
  6. Apply critical thinking and professional scepticism in professional practice as a 注册会计师
  7. Evaluate and respond appropriately to complex ethical issues that impact the individual, 该组织, 这个职业, 和社会  
  8. Reflect on your own practice to support continuous improvement and respond to change



  1. the accredited Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting (GradDipCA)
  2. 三年的指导实践经验

完成 GradDipCA, you must successfully complete nine subjects (seven core and two electives), 总共120个学分. For important information on credit points, refer to the GradDipCA课程信息 下面.

GradDipCA持续时间:通常, 一年全日制, 或者两年或更长时间兼职, 视乎何时开始.





Learn the fundamental concepts and professional skills essential for professional practice as a 注册会计师. 

主题描述About 核心1:道德与商业

CACC1501 -核心2:风险和 技术 

Analyse how businesses create and protect stakeholder value with a focus on risk management, 数据和技术.

主题描述关于CACC1501 -核心2:风险和 技术 

CACC1502 – Core 3: Financial Accounting and 报告 

Advance your technical knowledge of financial accounting and reporting and develop broader professional and business skills.

主题描述About CACC1502 – Core 3: Financial Accounting and 报告 

CACC1503 AU/NZ -核心4:税务(AU或NZ)

Develop essential knowledge and skills to provide tax services and advice.

主题描述About CACC1503 AU/NZ -核心4:税务(AU或NZ)

CACC1504 -核心5:经营绩效

Develop the skills needed to critique the performance of a business and support business decision-making.

主题描述About CACC1504 -核心5:经营绩效

CACC1505 -核心6:审计和 风险

Apply professional judgement and professional scepticism when addressing risk while auditing.

主题描述关于CACC1505 - Core 6: Audit and Risk

CACC1506 - Core 7 - Integrated Chartered Accounting Practice  

Build on and integrate your existing technical knowledge, critical thinking and professional skills to provide business advice.

主题描述About CACC1506 - Core 7 - Integrated Chartered Accounting Practice  


CACC1508 AU/NZ   – 选修:高级税(澳大利亚或新西兰)

Get advanced knowledge and skills concerning tax, so you can provide comprehensive and in-depth specialist advice and services.

主题描述About CACC1508 AU/NZ   – 选修:高级税(澳大利亚或新西兰)

CACC1507 -选修:保证 

Extend your audit and risk technical knowledge and professional skills to other assurance and related services.

主题描述关于CACC1507 -选修课:保证 

CACC1509 – 选修:数据分析与洞察

识别, 分析, solve and communicate business problems using data analysis techniques and modern business intelligence tools.

主题描述About CACC1509 – 选修:数据分析与洞察

CACC1510 - 选修:战略与绩效

Develop and implement strategies that create value by using applied financial and business skills.

主题描述About CACC1510 - 选修:战略与绩效


Complement your education training with practical work experience and professional mentoring.



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